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VideoPLACEMENT 3. Performance 26. April 2024 Ruine Alt Ems/Austria

Video: Aaron Sutterlütte  www.aaronfilm.at/



CONNEXION Fotos©Lisa Berner


..more fotos coming soon !



PLACEMENT Ruine Alt Ems Austria April 2024


3. Performance PLACEMENT Fotos© Melanie Büchel


 Fotos©Lisa Berner



Premiere in the end rain and snow   Foto© Georg Kühne




2. Performance all in the snow  Foto©Lisa Berner






Dance: Giacomo Calabrese (IT) Bettina Neuhaus (NL),  Blaise Powell(F), Ursula Sabatin (A), Manel Salas (SP)


 Musik: Paolo Montella (IT) - Electronics   Davide Maria Viola (IT) - Cello   Raffaele Barbato (IT) - Percussions







Broken Lines  FILM 




Film Salerno IT 

Idee: Giacomo Calabres

Tanz: Bettina Neuhaus (NL),Ursula Sabatin (A),Giacomo Calabrese(IT), Piero Leccese (IT)

Film und Schnitt: Francesco Peppino Delia (IT)


Foto Gallery Improvvi_dance Naples


Fotos© Francesco Peppino Delia   Tanz: Bettina Neuhaus, Ursula Sabatin, Giacomo Calabrese, Piero Leccese, Alessandra Petitti

Musik: Davide Maria Viola Violoncello, Marcello Vitale chitarra elettrica, Paolo Montella elettronica,   

Raffaele Barbato percussioni, Sandra Milena Guida Flauto

picture gallery and video  "episodes" Jänner 2023 Magazin 4  


Ursula Sabatin, Giacomo Calabrese  

Tomáš Vtípil: Violine, Stimme & Live Electronic

performance episode  Magazin 4  Bregenz/Austria  20. January 2023


An appointment in an arranged space, touched by personal history, colored in the presence of actual art.

Is this meant to be the extended living room of a couple, and what means their relationship then? 

Who is the third person in this collective? ......read more


Foto©Milá Vašičková 

 Foto©Jan Prokopius


photographer©Melanie Büchel, Johanna Muther, Herta Spiegel, Laurel Jenkins, Patrick Beelaert, A. Elizabeth Martinez, Matthias Rhomberg, Lutz Werner, Milá Vašičková,

                         Jan Prokopius,

video© Reinold Capelli

Zeitgenössischer Tanz und Performance

Ensemble Tanzufer

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Bregenz Austria

Contemporary Dance and Performance